How to Become a Badass Content Marketer for B2B Startups

1. Understand the business case & communicate it constantly.
The more you understand the business case and the value it brings to your industry and your potential customers, the better. This is what gets you into executive meetings. This is what gets you promoted. This is what gets you more money for doing what you love. Find someone to teach you about how the business works, what value you can bring and how success metrics are developed and tracked. Don't shy away from things you're not sure how to talk about - this is your opportunity to grow. Take it. 

2. Know how to articulate the value of marketing.
The biggest difference between a copywriter and a content strategist is your ability to market. Copywriters are executors. Content marketers are able to tie together all departments, all goals, all metrics into a strategy that drives people to act. If you can articulate this and understand how your work creates a more systemic impact, then congratulations - you're on the right track. 

3. Articulate the brand positioning. 
If you're working with a startup who doesn't have their brand positioning articulated - own this. Take this opportunity to educate them on the importance of your entire company aligning with a single message and a direct, clear brand tone. Communicate that this is essential for you to do your job, because... well, it is. 

4. Polish your writing. 
Drop the emojis and slang. Ditch the shorthand comments. This is a business and they are trying to engage other businesses. Keep your writing clear and concise. You can be funny and edgy, depending on the brand, but your own personality is now the brand's personality. 

5. Connect with the sales team. 
The old political warfare between sales and marketing stops with you. You are the key to providing value to prospects, because you hold the key to content that engages them. Take time to listen to sales calls. Go out to lunch with them and ask questions about what they're hearing on calls. 

6. On that note, connect with everyone in your company. 
Product teams, customer success teams, everyone is valuable to you and you are valuable to them. The more you know about the product, the more relevant your content will be. Building strong relationships with people who are not in marketing is key to your success. Content marketing and branding are difficult for most people to understand. The more buy-in you have, the better. 

7. Master project management skills. 
If you're in a content strategist position, you're likely working with other content creators. Take this opportunity to get organized and build a system that keeps things moving. This won't go unnoticed, and if you're pining for a management position, the ability to wrangle creatives is at the top of your value added. 

Breena Fain