About ink 

Hello! I'm Breena, founder of Ink. 

Ink was born out of my unwavering desire to help people find their voice and develop a narrative they feel is inline with their mission, goals, and values. As basic as our name is, I wanted to evoke a sense of simplicity, getting back to our roots - pen and paper - to communicate that this is where all good stories start.

The world is drowning in content that is unimaginative and irrelevant. My journey through storytelling and marketing has proven that companies can create original work and capture an audience that matters.

I have worked in marketing and communications for almost 10 years, and within that time I've helped build brands within industries stretching from tech to nonprofit. I have a wealth of knowledge in marketing at-large, but prefer to stick with content/organic related efforts.

Outside of Ink, I am extremely passionate about the arts, women's health and community. I sit on the board of Leap Arts, a Bay Area arts education organization. I am the founder and editor-in-chief of Gather, an organization focused on elevating women's health through community.

Care to connect on any of the above? Reach out!